Prince Eric Disney
Prince Eric Disney, age 21, as seen on Youtube Poop

Birth Date

September 12, 1988 (1933 Cartoonia Time)


Black hair, blue eyes, average build




Cartoon (human)


Cartoonia (formerly)


Disney Corporation, Order of the Sith


Mickey Mouse (biological father), Disney High Command, Disney troops, Grigori Rasputin, battle droids, Count Dooku, General Grievous, Asajj Ventress


Chanticleer Bluth, Don Bluth, Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Admiral Yularen, clone troopers, Americartoon troops


Blaster, MP-40 machine pistol, StG-44 assault rifle, lightsaber


Separatist frigates

 Prince Eric Disney is one of the sons of Mickey Mouse, the grandson of Walt Disney, and one of the most decorated personnel in the Disney Corporation's private military. He currently serves as the admiral of the Disney Space Fleet and is captain of his own frigate. Eric has engaged the Republic fleet on many occasions, and has even managed to destroy a few Republic Star Destroyers using WWII-era wolfpack tactics that he learned growing up. He also is the intermediary between the Disney High Command and Grigori Rasputin, Disney's top advanced weapons designer. He pays and monitors Rasputin to make sure that Disney gets results. Eric harbors a strong hatred towards Americartoons, and more specifically, towards Chanticleer Bluth, who destroyed his home, the Disney Castle, during the Battle of Cartoonia. Also motivated by the huge bounty on Chanticleer's head, Eric hopes to kill the young rooster, steal the Bluth family fortune, and earn the favor of his father to become next in line to leading the Disney Corporation. He is very ambitious, especially towards this endeavor. Eric is also learning how to use the Dark Side of the Force, having learned of how powerful the Jedi are, and he is being taught be none other than Count Dooku himself. Eric, like Dooku, hopes to kill Anakin Skywalker as well, for he is a major obstacle in the way of Disney's ultimate victory. Indeed, Eric is a skilled warrior and a cunning tactician, making him a powerful opponent for the Republic. 

Childhood in JerrymanyEdit

Mickey Mouse asexually created Eric in 1988 (1933 Cartoonia Time) by mixing his DNA with that of cartoon human DNA and placing the mixture in an electrolysis chamber. Sure enough, a zygote formed in the tube, and when he was fully developed, Eric was given by Mickey to a Jerryman prince whose wife was barren. Eric grew up in the castle, living a very comfortable lifestyle. His father adored the new Nazi regime that was recently installed, saying that it would revitalize Jerrymany after the humiliating defeat in World War 1. By 1939, war had broken out again, and the following year, Eric's father welcomed the presence of Jerryman troops, allowing for a military base to be set up in the castle. Eric joined the Hitler Youth, serving aboard a U-boat with his brigade. He even got the chance to meet Hitler himself at one point. Unfortunately, this military presence made Eric's castle the target of Allied attacks, and sure enough, an attack came. On January 17, 1945, a squadron of B-24 Liberator bombers dropped bombs on the castle and completely destroyed it. Their home ruined, Eric and his father left the country to go to his family's territorial holding in the Caribbean.

As Europe crumbled, Eric's father reestablished his rule in the Caribbean, making sure that his son would still have a future as a ruler. Eric grew up learning the ways of royalty, and continued to learn about naval tactics. He managed to get his sea legs by age 18, and through that, he met his wife Ariel, a girl who had been washed up in a shipwreck.   

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